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Haircut Service

Haircut is performed with machines and clippers/only scissors. Includes a hair wash and styling, using professional cosmetic products.

Beard Design Service
Beard Design

Beard shape modelling with machines/scissors. Cheek and neck contours modified with a trimmer and clipper, or with a shaving knife.

Head Shave Service
Head Shave

Head shave with shaving cream and a razor.

Complex Service
Complex Service

Haircut with scissors and machines/only scissors + beard design with machines/scissors.

Why Blunt?

Recently Opened and Highly Motivated Men's Salon...

where we work towards finely set goals:

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Best Results

Blunt's dedicated barbers take great pride in their work, ensuring top-notch services that leave every gentleman in a good mood and looking their best.

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Place to Relax

Our unique interior design and cozy vibe create a relaxing atmosphere, allowing visitors to rest from their daily responsibilities and feel at home.

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Always in Style

We offer a wide selection of specially curated hair products suitable for all hair types, and provide grooming tips which help our customers maintain their barbershop-worthy looks at home.